1. TITLE OF THE PAPER (center, bold, Times New Roman, 12, CAPS LOCK).

  2. NAME AND SURNAME OF THE AUTHOR/AUTHORS (center, bold, Times New Roman, 12, CAPS LOCK) (corresponding to the footnote there will be inserted the name and surname, the academic degree or professional degree, the academic title and the institution of which the author is a member of, and the e-mail adress).

  3. ABSTRACT (Times New Roman, bold, 12), in Romanian and English The abstract should be up to 10 lines. In abstract the author must state clearly what the purpose of the research is and what are practical objectives (Times New Roman, italic, 12).
  1. KEYWORDS (Times New Roman, bold, 12), in Romanian and English.
    Five to eight keywords or phrases that define the subject of research will be inserted (Times New Roman, italic, 12).
    In this section of the study the author will present and support with arguments the outcomes of the research. The author may use any structure may be possible, if the author considers it is suitable (Times New Roman, 12).
  1. BIBLIOGRAPHY is mandatory and is inserted at the end of the article (Times New Roman, bold, 12).

  2. Footnotes are cited in the text with serial numbers automatically numbered by the Footnotes option (bottom of page, number format: 1, 2, 3 and so on; numbering: continuous). Text notes: Font: Times New Roman, Size: 10 pt, Justified; First line: none). The explanations in the basement will mention: the author (surname, name), the title (Italic style), the publisher, the city, the year of publication, the page number (pages).

  3. The page will be formatted in Page Setup with the following characteristics: Paper size: A4, Orientation: portrait Margins: top = 2cm, bottom = 2cm, left = 2cm, right = 2 cm.

  4. The maximum number of pages allowed for an article is 12 and will be written exclusively by Line spacing: single.

  5. The articles are sent only electronically to the email address:
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