Pro Patria Lex Journal is a biannual publication issued by young specialists in the field of public order and national security from the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy and the “Romanian-American” University. This activity is coordinated by the Scientific Board which includes well known personalities in the field.

This Journal aims at offering the possibility for debates, analysis, comments and constructive discussions of the current legal issues in order to create an essential research tool for the legal specialists.



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The theoretical and practical interest of the Journal is further enhanced nowadays when the lawmaker reshapes the traditional principles and concepts, mainly in the field of private law.

Pro Patria Lex Journal intends to offer its readers updated information, an integration of the community and foreign regulations in the studies, to express the need to be aware of the community law, which is useful both from theoretical and practical point of view.

It is our hope that this journal shall meet the need for professionalization, reform and reformulation of the public and private law field as well as public order and national security.

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